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Perkin Elmer 25 cents miss acquisition beckman coulter opportunities

Date:2013-08-09 16:01

Beijing time on February 25th morning news, bloomberg on Thursday, quoting just disclosure regulatory file reports, perkin Elmer company (PerkinElmer Inc.) in the end of this month in the bid to 25 cents disadvantages miss purchase medical instrument manufacturers Beckman Coulter company (Beckman Coulter Inc.) opportunities. Reports also cited people familiar with the message says, perkin Elmer company $83.25 per share offer almost all the way to keep the lead. Until the last moment, the scale is equivalent to ten times its competitors, diversified industrial group danner Hector company (Danaher Inc.) to the advantage of only 25 cents beat perkin Elmer company. The report pointed out that perkin Elmer company had hoped that through the acquisition of beckman coulter company full company in genetic screening and environmental protection inspection business of the shortage of the diagnostic instrument. This bid for failure makes perkin Elmer company must consider looking for a larger purchase object, or consider themselves are sold as a whole. Data show that danner Hector company for beckman coulter $6.8 billion takeover offer almost equivalent to perkin Elmer value more than twice. According to the beckman coulter company supervision of the submitted documents, the company merger consultant Goldman sachs group think danner Hector company offer to the shareholders of a company "overall is better results", and that the takeover offer the most possible. The report says, perkin Elmer company needs to nearly $7 billion credit financing, danner Hector company commitment is about 25% of the cash payment, and plan through the FaZhai and rights issue payment of the balance.

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