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China's environmental water quality on-line monitoring industry present situation and the future development analysis

Date:2013-08-09 16:01

Our country's water resources for 2.8 trillion cubic meters. The 2.7 trillion cubic meters of surface water, groundwater 0.83 trillion cubic meters of water resources in the world, the total amount of the sixth, per capita occupancy volume is 2240 cubic meters, in the world bank statistics for 153 countries in the 88th. China's water resources shortage and the existing total per capita occupancy volume is low, regional uneven distribution, water and soil resources don't match, water pollution is aggravating, the urban water shortage situation highlights the problems. Accelerating urbanization and regional economic development, increasing the local water load, and aggravated the urban groundwater pollution, many cities all appeared groundwater water quality eutrophication, iron manganese overweight problems. The water pollution problem has become China's economic and social development of one of the most important factors, has attracted national and local government attach great importance. "11th five-year plan" period, our country determines the energy consumption per unit of GDP is shrinking at 4% a year, 5 years to reduce 20% of the target; The discharge of major pollutants, including the total amount of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand (cod) five years to reduce 10% of the emission reduction goals. In the prevention and control of water pollution, water quality monitoring work is pollution warning, persistent pollutant monitoring and control effect evaluation of important means, has been the attention of the relevant departments. As a continuous monitoring tools online water quality monitoring instrument bear the provide accurate monitoring data and monitoring report of responsibility, in the environmental monitoring work plays a more and more important role. A general situation of the development of the industry, the traditional environmental water quality monitoring work mainly by artificial field sampling and laboratory instrument analysis is given priority to. Although laboratory analysis means complete, but laboratory monitoring exist monitoring frequency is low, the sampling error, monitoring data scattered, fail to reflect the changes of the defects such as pollution, to meet the government and the enterprise carries on the effective water environmental management needs. From the development trend of the foreign environmental monitoring and the international advanced experience look, water quality on-line automatic monitoring has become relevant departments timely obtain continuous monitoring data of the effective means. Just after a few minutes of data collection, the water source water quality information can be sent to the environmental analysis center server. Once observed that there is some pollutants concentration happen variation, the environmental regulators can immediately take corresponding measures, sampling a concrete analysis. Visible, water quality online analysis system is the biggest advantage of and can quickly and accurately obtain water quality monitoring data. Automatic water quality monitoring system, the application of environmental protection departments to establish a wide range of monitoring network collect monitor data to determine the target area pollution status and development trend. With monitoring technology and instrumentation industry development, the environmental water quality monitoring work more began to automation, intelligent and network monitoring is the direction of development. In China's environmental water quality on-line monitoring system, after years of development, has been built in our country has the characteristics of the environment continuous automatic monitoring technology and management system, and has gradually formed the network. Second, the development planning requirements and industry regulation system (a) the requirements of the plan for the law of the People's Republic national economic and social development of the eleventh five-year plan outline requirements during the "eleventh five-year plan" major pollutants chemical oxygen demand (cod) and a 10% reduction in emissions of so2, and clearly specified main pollutant emission indicators of economic and social development as the binding force index. For realizing the 11th five-year plan of pollutant emission reduction goals, state environmental protection administration put forward to speed up the pollutant emission, monitoring and evaluation system of construction, on the key sources of pollution control automatic monitoring, pollution source monitoring and supervision on the environmental monitoring law enforcement, primary environmental statistics, etc to enhance their ability, and obtained the ministry of finance and the support of development and reform commission (NDRC). Countries control key pollution source automatic monitoring is to point to: in the main pollutants of the national industrial emission load more than 65% of the enterprise as well as the city sewage treatment plant are to realize the on-line automatic monitoring and data real-time upload. Belong to the scope of a total of about 7000 companies, plans to finish before the end of 2008. In 2011 the new promulgated the "law of the People's Republic national economic and social development 12 five year plan for" proposed "the increasing environmental protection efforts. In order to solve drinking water unsafe and air, soil pollution damage people's health outstanding environmental problems as the key point, strengthen the comprehensive management, significantly improve environmental quality. Implementation of emission reduction target responsibility system, strengthen the pollutant emission reduction and control, increase the main pollutant total amount control type, speed up urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities construction, strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution in key river valleys strength, effective control of urban air and noise pollution, strengthen the heavy metal, hazardous waste, soil pollution control, and strengthen the supervisory ability of the nuclear and radiation. Strict standards for discharge of water pollutants and environmental impact assessment, and strengthen law enforcement supervision, improve the significant environmental events and pollution accident responsibility system. Perfect environmental protection technology and economic policy, establish and perfect the polluter pay system, establish the multiple environmental protection investment and financing mechanism, vigorously develop the environmental protection industry. Is expected to 1025 period, environmental water quality on-line monitoring system will further accelerate the speed of construction, the main pollutant total amount control types will be increased, monitoring factor increases drive monitoring instrument installation quantity will be rapid growth, and the promotion of environmental water quality on-line monitoring industry further development. (2) industry regulation system, 1, the water pollution prevention and control of (promulgated for implementation in 2008), article 22 clearly stipulates: discharge pollutants to water bodies of the enterprises, institutions and individual and industrial and commercial door shall, in accordance with the laws and administrative regulations of the state council and the provisions of the competent department of environmental protection set drainage outlet; Set into the river drainage outlet, shall comply with the relevant regulations of the competent administrative department. The provisions of article 23: the key blowdown unit shall install the water pollutant discharge automatic monitoring equipment, and environmental protection departments of the monitoring equipment networking, and ensure the normal operation of monitoring equipment. Industrial waste water discharge of the enterprise, it shall be for the discharge of industrial waste water monitoring, and keep the original monitoring records. The specific measures shall be provided for by the competent department of environmental protection under the state council. 2, the use of pollutant discharge fee collection management ordinance in article 10 clearly stipulates: cracks using the provisions of the state compulsory verification pollutant automatic monitoring instrument for pollutant discharge monitoring, the monitoring data and pollutants as a species, number of basis. Cracks installed pollutant discharge automatic monitoring instruments, shall be in accordance with the

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