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Xinyi of Jiangsu to construct automatic water quality monitoring stations

Date:2013-08-09 16:00

Reporters learned from the Provincial Government of Zhejiang on the 19th that the province would vigorously promote the construction of the environmental monitoring and control system. They planned to construct automatic drinking water quality monitoring stations above the country level within five years. According to the plan, they will strengthen the constructions of the biological water quality (safety) early warning and monitoring systems at major water environment function areas and the water quality monitoring systems for water supply reservoirs, and strengthen the protection of rural drinking water quality. By 2012, 81 automatic water quality monitoring stations above the country level will have been constructed, and by the year of 2015, the drinking water sources above the county level, the county (city) intersections and the automatic water quality monitoring stations for important sensitive waters, as well as the ground water monitoring network covering Hangjia Lake, Ningbo, Wenhuang, Wenrui Plain and Jinqu Basin will have been completed. The province-wide soil and water conservation monitoring, functional areas water quality monitoring, groundwater resources monitoring network and information systems will be established. At the same time, they will strengthen the protection of drinking water sources. For Taihu Lake, Hangjia water network, the Qiantang River tributaries, Oujiang River and small lakes and reservoirs, they will divide the water sources into different protection areas and improve hierarchical management system for the drinking water source protection areas. They will enhance the water pollution control and water quality protection for water intaking at North Taihu, water diversion in eastern Zhejiang, and other water conduit channels. They will strengthen the protection of groundwater resources, and curb the over-exploitation of groundwater, effectively controlling land subsidence and seawater intrusion. In recent years, Zhejiang Province attaches great importance to the safety of drinking water, especially the drinking water in rural areas. Since 2003, the province has taken the lead in launching rural drinking water projects. Statistics from the Water Conservancy Department of Zhejiang shows that as of now, the tap water supply coverage in the rural areas in Zhejiang reached 95.8%, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the quality of drinking water and improving the pass rate of water sanitation in rural areas. While actively protecting water quality, Zhejiang Province has also vigorously promoted the construction of urban sewage treatment plants. The government of the province plans to extend the urban sewage pipe network by more than 4,000 kilometers by the year of 2015. All the organic towns in the province, if conditions allow, will be equipped with sewage treatment facilities, and the sewage treatment rate in cities above the county level will reach 83% or more.

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